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Taxonomy App is an intuitive taxonomy governance application hosted on SharePoint that gives you and your team a set of collaboration features to create, update, track changes and publish your taxonomy as managed metadata in the SharePoint term store. It also allows you to map the taxonomy to the retention schedule and make it accessible to end users. Additionally, the mapped retention schedule can be exported to Excel and imported into the M365 Compliance Center.

The Taxonomy app gives you a bilingual interface and a bilingual taxonomy definition allowing you to create taxonomies in English and French.

The Taxonomy Application captures a detailed audit log of taxonomy-related events and allows users with the Taxonomy Admin role to view, search, and export the audit log to Excel.

Here are the main features of the Taxonomy app:

  • Strat from Excel: The Taxonomy App lets you import your file classification plan (or taxonomy) from an Excel spreadsheet, so you can start working right away.
  • Work Offline: The Taxonomy app lets you export your file plan to an Excel spreadsheet so you can work offline if needed. It also allows you to re-import a file plan as a new version.  
  • Version Control: The Taxonomy app provides you with manual version control to manually create a minor or major version. At any time, Taxonomy allows you to restore a previous version as a new current version.
  • Flexible Functional Level: The Taxonomy application allows you to manage the file plan at the level of your choice. The file plan levels are Function, Sub-Function, and Business Process.
  • Publish to the Term Store: The Taxonomy application is natively integrated with the SharePoint term store, it allows you, with a single click, to publish your taxonomy directly in the term store (API access must be approved). Additionally, you can export your file plan as a term set in Excel format and manually import it into the SharePoint term store as managed metadata.
  • Bilingual: The Taxonomy app allows you to create a bilingual file plan. Taxonomy App natively has a bilingual interface (supported languages: French and English, additional languages can be added upon request).
  • Taxonomy Lifecycle Management: The Taxonomy app allows you to manage the lifecycle of your file plan by tracking these statuses: draft, submitted, published, and archived.
  • Role Based Access: The Taxonomy application allows you to manage collaborators by granting them different access rights.
  • Develop and Map Retention Schedule: The Taxonomy app provides you with an enhanced version of M365 file plan management that allows you to develop your retention labels and associate them with the file plan.
  • Import Retention Schedule to Compliance Center: The Taxonomy app allows you to export retention labels and upload them to the M365 Compliance Center.

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